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VTech cordless phone Selection Tool

Listed below is our line of compatible VTech Batteries, power supplies and chargers. Volt Depot offers a complete line of both original and 3rd party cordless phone power supplies at discounted prices. Below, you will find a cordless phone configuration tool that will help you in choosing the correct power supply for your cordless phone. Your first step is to choose the model of your cordless phone.

VTech  Power Supply Finder - Select Model:
00-2421 1064 1064XL
1261 1920 20-2420
20-2431 20-2432 20-2437
20-2438 20-2481 202420
202431 202437 202438
202439 202481 2308
2326 2335 2351
2417 2421 2468
2568 27893 V MIX 30000
3N600AACL 402420 402421
5867 5879 6053
6817 6877 6879
7080 900ADL 900DL
900DX 910ADL 910DX
910VDL 9111 9116
9118 912 9123
9126 9127 912ADLC
912DLC 914ADL 914ADLc
914ADLI 915ADL 9162
916ADL 916ADLI 917ADX
918ADX 920ADL 921ADL
ADL 80-4032 ADL BATTERY GX 80-4289
gz2334 GZ2334 (V Mix) GZ2335
GZ2338 GZ2339 GZ2434
GZ2436 gz2437 GZ2438
GZ2439 GZ2456 GZ2459
GZ5838 i5801 I5803
I5807 I5808 I5853
I5866 I5867 I5871
I5874 i5881 I6725
I6763 I6765 I6785
IA286401 IA3864 IA5823
IA5824 IA5829 IA5839
IA5845 IA5847 IA5851
IA5854 IA5859 IA5863
IA5864 IA5871 IA5874
IA5878 IA5879 IA5882
ia5890 ip5803 IP5853
IP8100-1 IP8100-2 IP81001
IP811 MI6820 MI6821
MI6861 MI6870 MI6897
rz6032 T2326 T2340
T2350 T2351 T2406
T2408 t2415 T2416
T2418 T2419 t2426
T2426-06 T2427 T2429
t2435 t2440 t2447
T2450 T2451 T2451-07
t2452 T2453 t2454
T2455 t2482 t2492
T26326 Tropez Digital 900DX tz2526
tz2528 TZ2551 tz2553
tz2558 V2600 V2651
V2656 VSB 80-4134 VSB 80-5017
VT-00-2421 VT-00-9113 VT-01-9111
VT-01-9121 VT-03-9111 VT-03-9121
VT-04-9121 VT-11-1921 VT-11-9111R
VT-12-1921 VT-12-9111B VT-1261
VT-14-1921 VT-1421 VT-1511
VT-1711 VT-1712 VT-1721
VT-1731 VT-1733 VT-1900
VT-1901 VT-1905 VT-1910C
VT-1911 VT-1920C VT-1921
VT-1922 VT-1923 VT-1930C
VT-1930CX VT-1932 VT-1933
VT-1940 VT-1961 VT-1962
VT-1970 VT-1970CI VT-1981
VT-20-2420 VT-20-2431 VT-20-2438
VT-20-2481 VT-2060HJ VT-2230
VT-240 VT-2406 VT-2406-2
VT-2417 VT-2418 VT-2420
VT-2421 VT-2423 VT-2426
VT-2428 VT-2430 VT-2431
VT-2433 VT-2458 VT-2460
VT-2461 VT-2463 VT-2465
VT-2468 VT-2481 VT-2498
VT-2528 VT-2558 VT-2568
VT-2600 VT-2625 VT-2626
VT-2650 VT-2651 VT-2653
VT-2656 VT-2660 VT-2665
VT-2670 VT-2675 VT-2689
VT-2900 VT-2910 VT-2920C
VT-2931 VT-2932 VT-2950CI
VT-2960CI VT-2961 VT-2962
VT-30-9116 VT-5801 VT-5803
VT-5807 VT-5820 VT-5821
VT-5825 VT-5826 VT-5831
VT-5836 VT-5850 VT-5852
VT-5853 VT-5856 VT-5857
VT-5866 VT-5867 VT-5868
VT-5881 VT-5886 VT-5888
VT-5889 VT-61-9126 VT-62-9111
VT-62-9116B VT-62-9121 VT-62-9122
VT-62-9123 VT-63-9111HJ/B VT-63-9111HJ/G
VT-63-9111HJ/P VT-65-9118 VT-66-9111
VT-66-9116G VT-66-9118 VT-66-9121
VT-66-9122 VT-67-9111 VT-67-9119
VT-9000 VT-9011 VT-9030
VT-9060 VT-9060CI VT-9060I
VT-910 VT-9103 VT-9105
VT-9108 VT-9109 VT-9110
VT-9111 VT-9112 VT-9113
VT-9114 VT-9115 VT-9117
VT-9117 blueberry VT-9117 grape VT-9118
VT-912 VT-9121 VT-9122
VT-9122BK VT-9123 VT-9123 blueberry
VT-9123 grape VT-9123-66 VT-9124
VT-9125 VT-9126 VT-9127
VT-912L VT-914 VT-9141
VT-915 VT-9151 VT-9152
VT-9155 VT-916 VT-9161
VT-9162 VT-917 VT-9171
VT-9181 VT-918ADX VT-92-1421
VT-92-9110 VT-92-9117 VT-920
VT-921 VT-9231 VT-9241
VT-98-9110 vt2101 vt2121
VT2419 VT2427 vt2448
vt9116 vt9119 VTHH-2910L

VTech  Power Supply Finder - Select OEM Partnumber:
8032610001 80-3261-00-01 80-3328-00-03
80-4012-00-00 80-4016-00-00 8040320000
80-4032-00-00 80-4134-00-00 8041340200
8042800000 80-4280-00-00 80-4289-00-00
80-4308-00-00 80-4309-00-00 8043140000
80-4314-00-00 8050170000 80-5017-00-00
80-5071-00-00 8050740000 8052160000
8053810000 80-5381-00-00 80-5461-00-00
8055430000 8058080000 8913230000
8913240000 8913260000 89-1326-00-00
8913300100 HHR-PP103 UL103

Instructions on Searching for your VTech Cordless Phone Power Supply

We know that finding a replacement VTech cordless phone power supply for your VTech cordless phone can be very overwhelming and confusing. That is why we have spent thousands of hours developing our power solutions database for our customers to use. Our tool will look up the exact power supply replacements based on your device, brand and model. For quicker results, just type in your model number or part number into our award winning search box. You will find the results you were looking with a 85% success rate. We are continually working for 99% search results ratio.

VTech Cordless Phone Power Supply Purchase Support

Our specialty is replacement VTech cordless phone batteries, chargers and power supplies. All new VTech cordless phone batteries come with a one year warranty, so you can be sure that a battery from Volt Depot is going to power your VTech cordless phone when you need it. We are proud of our million dollar inventory insures that most of the batteries you are looking for is in stock and we can even same day special order those hard to find VTech cordless phone batteries directly to you. If you can't find your notebook accessory or part, we can usually special order it for you. Simply give us a call toll free at 1-800-240-8631.

Because discounted VTech cordless phone batteries is our core business, our trained staff will be able to answer most of your questions regarding your notebook computer power requirements, lithium Ion battery technology, and AC DC power supply adapter configuration. We welcome any questions you may have about laptops, notebooks, or VTech cordless phone power supplies. Volt Depot only sells new, top quality NiCad, NiMH and Li-Ion VTech cordless phone power supplies. If you can't find a particular VTech cordless phone power supply, or if you find a power supply at a better price elsewhere, please contact us immediately! We will be waiting for your call or email ready to assist you.

Give us a call toll free: 1-800-240-8631 or Click Here to contact us via email.

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