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Duracell DR-35 NiMH DR35 Battery

NiMH Battery Duracell DR-35 Battery
Duracell DR-35 NiMH Battery

Catalog #: 16204
Reference P/N: LDU-35
Manufacturer: Amstron
Stock Status: In Stock
Suggested Retail: $89.95
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Save: 29%

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  • 10.8 Volts
  • 4000mAh Capacity
  • NiMH - Nickel Metal Hydride
  • 100% original manufacturer compatible
  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications
  • Highest quality Japanese battery cells
  • Full 1 year warranty

  • Compatible Models: Acer AcerNote 350, Acer AcerNote 350C, Acer AcerNote 350P, Acer AcerNote 350PC, Acer AcerNote 350PX, Acer AcerNote 352, Acer AcerNote 355, Acer AcerNote 356, Acer AcerNote 358, Acer AcerNote 361, Acer AcerNote 850C, Acer AcerNote Light 350, Acer AcerNote Light 350C, Acer AcerNote Light 350P, Acer AcerNote Light 350PC, Acer AcerNote Light 350PX, Acer AcerNote Light 352, Acer AcerNote Light 355, Acer AcerNote Light 358, Acer AcerNote Light 359, Acer AcerNote Light 360, Acer AcerNote Light 361, Acer AcerNote Light 363, Acer AcerNote Light P100, Acer AcerNote LightPC, Acer Extensa 355, Acer Extensa 600, Acer Extensa 650, Acer Extensa 670CDT, Acro Vesta 586, Actebis Targa TN549, ASE Euphoria, ASE Phoenix, Canon InnovaNote 3400DX, Daewoo Chorus CD, Daewoo CN530, Daewoo CN7500, Daewoo CPC7500, Daewoo CPC7501, Daewoo CPC7550, Daewoo Gloria CD, Data Shield Gloria CD, Duracell 86, Duracell DR-35, Duracell DR-35S, EUROCOM Subbrick Lite X75, ICL Ergolite 75, Magitronic 864, NCR Apricot Note GX, NCR Apricot Note GX-2, Progen Pen, Senao SC-707, Sharp SC-707, Targa TN549, Techmedia TechNote 2500S, Texas Instruments Estensa 455, Texas Instruments Extensa 450, Texas Instruments Extensa 450T, Texas Instruments Extensa 455T, Texas Instruments Extensa 460, Texas Instruments Extensa 470, Texas Instruments Extensa 510, Texas Instruments Extensa 515, Texas Instruments Extensa 655, Twinhead Monet, Twinhead P77, Twinhead SlimNote 7, Twinhead SlimNote 700, Twinhead SlimNote 713TV
    Compatible Battery Part Numbers: Acer 90.AA202.001, Acer 91.47028.010, Acer 91.48428.051, Acer 91.48428.051, Acer DR201, Acer DR35, Acer DR35AA, Acer DR35S
    Satisfaction Guarantee for your NiMH Battery Duracell DR-35 Battery

    We want you to be completely satisfied with your NiMH Battery Duracell DR-35 Battery before and after your order. That is why we offer 30 days no questions asked return policy. If you’re not satisfied, just return within 30 days of your purchase to our warehouse. Return instructions will be available in your customer receipt. Full refund less shipping charges will be refunded to you with 3 business days. Click here to see our complete Return Policy.

  • One Year Warranty on NiMH Battery Duracell DR-35 Battery
  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and performance
  • Toll free support on your NiMH Battery Duracell DR-35 Battery. Call 1-800-240-8631

    Certain products such as Alkaline batteries and close out products labeled Not Refundable cannot be returned for a refund.

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