Amstron 12V 18Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Amstron 12V 18Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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Amstron AP-12180EV Deep Cycle Battery - 12V 18Ah
The Amstron AP-12180EV is a rechargeable 12 volt 18Ah deep cycle SLA battery. Amstron deep cycle batteries valve regulated (VRLA), AGM, maintenance-free batteries; that are a perfect substitution for your OEM SLA battery. They use high quality alloys and advance technology which makes them have more than 300 cycle life by 100% D.O.D and excellent quick-charge acceptance ability.We guarantee that this battery is 100% compatible that will meet or exceed your original battery.

Compatible Battery Part Numbers:
104831, 12-582, 12896, 12C16A-3B, 12CE18, 12GA18, 12N16AH, 12N20AH, 12N20AH-BS, 296040001, 41542, 47004, 518-014-015 Varta, 51814, 519-013-017 Varta, 51913, 520-015-018 Varta, 6-DZM-20, 6-FM-18, 6-FM-20, 61.21-1 243 305, 61.21-1 243 689, 61.21-1 244 323, 61.21-1 244 324, 61.21-1 353 824, 61.21-1 459 014, 61.21-1 459 245, 61.21-2 306 125, 61.21-2 306 626, 61.21-2 346 800, 61211243305, 61211243689, 61211244323, 61211244324, 61211353824, 61211459014, 61211459245, 61212306125, 61212306626, 61212346800, 6DW17, 6DZM17, 6DZM20, 6FM17, 6FMH18, 91-218, 971255100, A21215G, AP-12180NB-H, AS36012V3, BAT-0058, BAT-LIQ1000, BAT0373, BATDG12-18NB, BATLIQ1000, BP15-12, BP17-12, BSL1115, BSL1116, BSL1117, BSL116, BU12180, CA12170, CA12180, CF12V18, CFM12V18, CP12170, CP18-12, CP72780, D5745, DG12-18, DG1217NB, DJW12-18, DJW1220, DMU12-20, DMU12120, ES17-12, ES18-12, ES1812, ES2500, EVA12-18NB, FM12170, GH12170, GP12170, GP12200, GPL12180, GT090SR, HEPNPX80, HR2212, JC12150, JC12170, LC-RC1217P, LC-X1220AP, LCPD1217P, LCR-12V17P, LCR12V17BP, LCR12V17CP, LCRC1217P, LCRD1217P, LCX-1220AP, LCX1220AP, LCX1220P, LP12-18, LP12-18-T3, NP-18-12/D, NP17-12, NP18-12, NP18-12B, PC12180, PE12V15, PE12V17B1, PE12V18B1, PK12180NB, PS-12180, PS-12180-NB, PS-12200NB, PX12170, QP17-12, QP17-12A, SLA-17-12, SLA0156, SLA1117, SLA1119, SLA2608, SP12-18HR-NB, TP12-17, TP12-18, UB12180, WP17-12, WP18-12, WP20-12, WPX17-12, WPX18-12, YG12-18, YG51913, YS12-18

Golf Carts, Electric Vehicles, Wheelchairs, UPS BackUPS Systems, Other High Drain Devices.

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