6V 12Ah Home Alarm Battery by Amstron

6V 12Ah Home Alarm Battery by Amstron

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Replacement 6V 12Ah Home Alarm Battery by Amstron are designed for use in your home alarm, access control, burglar alarm and security systems. Keeping you safe and secure, the Amstron AP-6120F1-HAB are a rugged maintenance free sealed lead acid battery providing reliable power protection.

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance
  • Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows safe operation in any position

Compatible Battery Part Numbers:
ADT Security Alarm 804208
Altronix AL802UL2ADA
Altronix AL802UL2ADAJ
Altronix AL802ULADA
Altronix AL842UL2ADA
Brooks Equipment BAT610
Chloride 74
Chloride 1001137
Chloride 100001078
Chloride 1000010044
Chloride 1000010077
Chloride 1000010078
Chloride 1000010113
Chloride 1000010133
Chloride 1000010136
Chloride 1000010137
Chloride 100001 ALL
Chloride 100-001-0078
Chloride 100-001-0079
Chloride 100A74
Chloride 100N67
Chloride 111A74
Chloride 11A74
Chloride 12200A74
Chloride 12A72TV2
Chloride 12A74TV2
Chloride CFM50
Chloride CLBLC
Chloride CLBLCMS2
Chloride CMF25
Chloride CMF25TS2
Chloride CMF25Y2
Chloride CMF36
Chloride CMF50
Chloride CMF50TN2
Chloride CMFRE100
Chloride D2MF50
Chloride D2MF50IQ2
Chloride GC690
Chloride GC960
Chloride NMA174Y2
Chloride NMA274Y2
Chloride NMF251Q2
Chloride NMF501Q2
Chloride NTMF50ID2
Chloride TD2MF50ID
Chloride TFM50TV2
Chloride TMF36
Chloride TMF50
Chloride TMF50TV2
Chloride TMFRE100
Chloride TMFRE150
Dual Lite 12294
Dual Lite 12612
Dual Lite 12631
Dual Lite 12727
Dual Lite 60631
Dual Lite 120727
Dual Lite 12-554
Dual Lite 12-568
Dual Lite A74TN2
Emergi-Lite 6100
Emergi-Lite 12561
Emergi-Lite 80019
Emergi-Lite 1000010045
Emergi-Lite 1000010164
Emergi-Lite 100-001-0075
Emergi-Lite 12CSM54
Emergi-Lite 12DSE54
Emergi-Lite 12DSM54
Emergi-Lite 12JSM36
Emergi-Lite 12JSM54
Emergi-Lite 12JSM9
Emergi-Lite 12KSM4
Emergi-Lite 12KSM54
Emergi-Lite 12KSM6
Emergi-Lite 12LC2002
Emergi-Lite 12LSM110
Emergi-Lite 12LSM11001
Emergi-Lite 12LSM162
Emergi-Lite 12LSM220B
Emergi-Lite 12LSM4
Emergi-Lite 12LSM54
Emergi-Lite 12LSM6
Emergi-Lite 12LSM7
Emergi-Lite 12M1
Emergi-Lite 12M4
Emergi-Lite 12M4CS
Emergi-Lite 12M6
Emergi-Lite 12M6G
Emergi-Lite 12M7
Emergi-Lite 12M8
Emergi-Lite 12M9
Emergi-Lite 12RSM36
Emergi-Lite 24M6G
Emergi-Lite 24M8
Emergi-Lite 24TSE72
Emergi-Lite 6JSM
Emergi-Lite 6JSM2
Emergi-Lite 6JSM3
Emergi-Lite 6KSM3
Emergi-Lite 6KSM4
Emergi-Lite 6KSM5
Emergi-Lite 6KSM6
Emergi-Lite 6LSM3
Emergi-Lite 6LSM4
Emergi-Lite 6LSM5
Emergi-Lite 6LSM6
Emergi-Lite 6M3
Emergi-Lite 6M4
Emergi-Lite 6M4CS
Emergi-Lite 6M5
Emergi-Lite 6M6
Emergi-Lite 6M9CS
Emergi-Lite 6MB
Emergi-Lite 6TSM3
Emergi-Lite 6TSM4
Emergi-Lite 6V8
Emergi-Lite CE15BQ
Emergi-Lite CSM11
Emergi-Lite CSM18
Emergi-Lite CSM2
Emergi-Lite CSM27
Emergi-Lite CSM3
Emergi-Lite CSM36
Emergi-Lite DL4
Emergi-Lite DSE36
Emergi-Lite DSM27
Emergi-Lite E8
Emergi-Lite EP640
Emergi-Lite eries 300
Emergi-Lite EZ1A
Emergi-Lite FL
Emergi-Lite GMMEL
Emergi-Lite JSM27
Emergi-Lite JSM272
Emergi-Lite JSM36
Emergi-Lite JSM42
Emergi-Lite KB1
Emergi-Lite KB13CP
Emergi-Lite KSM27
Emergi-Lite KSM272
Emergi-Lite L1
Emergi-Lite LCR6V4P
Emergi-Lite LCR6V6.5P1
Emergi-Lite LCX60
Emergi-Lite LL12
Emergi-Lite LSM27
Emergi-Lite LSM272
Emergi-Lite LSM36
Emergi-Lite LSM542
Emergi-Lite M10
Emergi-Lite M3
Emergi-Lite M3003
Emergi-Lite M3019
Emergi-Lite M3G
Emergi-Lite M4
Emergi-Lite M5
Emergi-Lite ME4VEF18VA
Emergi-Lite ML212NY
Emergi-Lite ML2CH
Emergi-Lite ML4
Emergi-Lite ML4EI
Emergi-Lite ML4S
Emergi-Lite ML5
Emergi-Lite ML512V
Emergi-Lite ML5S12V
Emergi-Lite POWER 40
Emergi-Lite RSM36
Emergi-Lite TSM 1102
Emergi-Lite TSM 27
Emergi-Lite TSM272
Emergi-Lite TSM54
Emergi-Lite XS1
Emergi-Lite XS1REL
Lightalarms 8500015
Lightalarms 8600010
Lightalarms 2DSGC3V
Lightalarms 2F12G1
Lightalarms 2P12G1
Lightalarms 2RPG1
Lightalarms 2RPG2
Lightalarms 2RPG3
Lightalarms 4RPG2
Lightalarms 4RPG3
Lightalarms 5E15AC
Lightalarms 5E1-5AU
Lightalarms 5E15BB
Lightalarms 5E15BR
Lightalarms 5EI5BR
Lightalarms 5N31HW
Lightalarms 605P1
Lightalarms 6RPG3
Lightalarms 6RPG3H
Lightalarms CE1-5AC
Lightalarms CE15AR
Lightalarms CE1-5AR
Lightalarms CE15AT
Lightalarms CE1-5BB
Lightalarms CE1-5BD
Lightalarms CE15BR
Lightalarms EXP36
Lightalarms F12G1
Lightalarms FG1
Lightalarms P12G1
Lightalarms PG2
Lightalarms PG2(OLD STYLE)
Lightalarms PGPA
Lightalarms PGX5
Lightalarms PS10MP
Lightalarms RPG1
Lightalarms RPG1H
Lightalarms RPG2
Lightalarms RPG2H
Lightalarms S12E3
Lightalarms Series 300
Lightalarms SL050
Lightalarms TBRC1
Lightalarms TBRC2
Lightalarms TBRC3
Lightalarms X78
Lightalarms X79
Lightalarms X79BRA2L
Lithonia AL612
Lithonia CF1822
Lithonia ELB0608
Lithonia ELB0609
Lithonia ELB0610
Lithonia ELB0610/12
Lithonia ELB0612
Lithonia ELB06122
Lithonia ELB0690
Lithonia ELB1212
Lithonia ELG4
Lithonia ELM2P
Lithonia ELR2
Lithonia ELR4
Lithonia ELU2
Lithonia ELU28
Lithonia ELU2BTY
Lithonia ELU2C
Lithonia ELU2CM
Lithonia ELU2P
Lithonia ELU2X
Lithonia ELU3C
Lithonia ELU3CM
Lithonia ELU3X
Lithonia ELU4
Lithonia ELU4N
Lithonia ELU4X
Lithonia EMB2060101
Lithonia EMB20609
Lithonia EMB2060901
Lithonia LL196B
Protection One BT0012N
Protection One BT1031N
Pyrotronics 175084512
SureLite 26-03
SureLite 26-10
SureLite 26-50
Technacell 12580
Technacell 12609
Technacell 1000010111
Technacell EP6100
Technacell EP610026
Technacell EP610036
Technacell EP6120
Technacell EP612001
Technacell EP61201
Technacell EP612055
Technacell EP675C
Technacell EP680
Technacell EP685
Technacell EP695
Technacell EP695 Leads & Fuse
Technacell EP69501
Technacell EP6951
Technacell TC6100
Technacell TC6120
Technacell TC612055
Technacell TC695
Zareba 10 Mile Solar Charger
Zareba ESP10M Fence Charger
and more

  • This Battery, Battery Posts, Terminals, and Related Accessories can expose you to chemicals including Lead, Lead Compounds and other chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and birth Defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov