Amstron 12V 75Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery (BCI Group 24)

Amstron 12V 75Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery (BCI Group 24)

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Amstron AP12-75D-SAE Deep Cycle Battery - 12V 75Ah SAE Posts
The Amstron AP12-75D-SAE is a rechargeable 12 volt 75Ah deep cycle SLA battery. Amstron deep cycle batteries valve regulated (VRLA), AGM, maintenance-free batteries; that are a perfect substitution for your OEM SLA battery. They use high quality alloys and advance technology which makes them have more than 300 cycle life by 100% D.O.D and excellent quick-charge acceptance ability.We guarantee that this battery is 100% compatible that will meet or exceed your original battery.

Compatible Battery Part Numbers:
45821, 8A24, BP60-12, DCS-75BT, DG12-70, DG12-80, GC12550, GT360S8, HAW-NP75-12, HR70-12, LCL12V65P, NP65-12, PC12750, PG-12V75T, PRC1265, PRC1290, PS-12750, PX12550, TC1265, TC1290, UB12750 (24), UB24, UPS12-270, UPS12-300MR, WPX250-12, WPX72-12

Golf Carts, Electric Vehicles, Wheelchairs, UPS BackUPS Systems, Other High Drain Devices.

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