Amstron AP-12120F2 Sealed Lead Acid Battery (20 Pack)

Amstron AP-12120F2 Sealed Lead Acid Battery (20 Pack)

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20 Pack of Amstron AP-12120F2 Battery - 12V 12Ah F2 Terminal
The Amstron AP-12120F2 is a rechargeable 12 volt 12Ah sealed lead acid battery. Amstron SLA batteries valve regulated (VRLA), AGM, maintenance-free batteries; that are a perfect substitution for your OEM SLA battery. We guarantee that this battery is 100% compatible that will meet or exceed your original battery.

20 batteries

Compatible Models:
ACOMA MEDICAL MBA 200 Portable X-Ray
CARESTREAM HEALTH DRX Revolution Mobile X-Ray System

General Purpose, UPS Backup, Electric Power Systems, Emergency backup power supply, emergency lighting, Railway signal, aircraft signal, communication power supply, electrical equipment.