Motorcycle Battery for 65948-00 / YTX14-BS (Sealed AGM)

Motorcycle Battery for 65948-00 / YTX14-BS (Sealed AGM)

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UPG''s UBVT-8 AGM Battery is designed for high performance battery used for motorcycles. UBVT-8 battery offer optimal Cranking Amps, high vibrations resistance and long cycle life.

Compatible Replacements with:

Yuasa YTX14-BS
AutoZone GTX14-BS
Batteries Plus Stores XTAX14-BS
Delco or Delphi GTX14-BS
Douglas SurePower 14-BS
East Penn Deka ETX14(1)
Energizer Yuasa 2420500
Exide / Champion 14-BS
Ges America 14-BS
Grand Prix TBC 7042
GS-China Ztong Yee GTX14-BS
Harley Davidson 65948-00
Interstate FAYTX14-BS
Power-Sonic PTX14-BS
Superior Battery GTX14-BS
Wal-Mart ES14-BS
Yacht CTX14-BS FA

Shipping Restrictions: Classified as non-hazardous and may be shipped by air.