Power-Sonic PS-1250-F2, 12V 5Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Power-Sonic PS-1250-F2, 12V 5Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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The Power-Sonic PS-1250-F2 sealed lead acid battery is a 12V 5Ah battery. This 12V 5Ah Power-Sonic battery is an AGM, Maintenance-Free, Valve Regulated (VRLA), rechargeable battery. Power-Sonic batteries are a rugged and economical battery. Able to be used with a wide variety of applications; it has a wide operating temperature, long service life and deep discharge recovery.
  • U.L. recognized under file number MH20845
  • Approved for transport by air. D.O.T., I.A.T.A., F.A.A. and C.A.B. certified.

Compatible Battery Part Numbers:

12v4-5, 23-289, 23-289A, 23-289B, 23289, 804302, BP4-12, BP4.5-12, BP5-12, BSL1055, CA1240, CFM12V4.6M, CP1245, D5741, DG12-5, DJW12-4, DJW12-4.5, DMU12-5, ES4-12, GP1245, GP1250, HR5.5-12, JC1240, LC-R125P, LC-R125P, LC-RB124P, LCR-12V4BP, LCR-12V5P, LP12-4.0, LP12-4.5, NP4-12, NP4-12P, PC1250, PE12V4.0, PE12V4.5, PE4-12R, PE4.5-12R, PK 1250, PK-1250, PS-1242, PS-1250, PS-1252, PXL12050, SLA-12V4-5, SLA-5-12, SLA1050, SLA1055, TP12-4, TP12-4.5, TP12-5, UB1245, UB1250, UB1250A, WKA12-5, WP4-12, WP4.5-12, WP5-12, WPX5.4-12


General Purpose, UPS Backup, Electric Power Systems, Emergency backup power supply, emergency lighting, Railway signal, aircraft signal, communication power supply, electrical equipment.

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