Yuasa NPX-25FRF2 12V 5Ah High Rate AGM Battery (Flame Retardant)

Yuasa NPX-25FRF2 12V 5Ah High Rate AGM Battery (Flame Retardant)

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Yuasa NPX-25 FR F2 is a 12 volt 5Ah valve-regulated, maintenance free battery. Since their introduction, Yuasa has set the standard for quality, reliability and excellence in the rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery market. This standard has been used as a benchmark in industries such as security, UPS backup, telecommunications, emergency lighting and medical equipment. Yuasa leads the race where the need for reliable and dependable power is required.

Designed for high-rate discharge applications, the NPX-25FRF2 is designed to be used primarily where high wattage is required for a short duration of time. With 50% more wattage available and a 30% reduction in size over conventional batteries, the NPX-25FRF2 is the best choice in UPS applications.

Flame Retardant

This Yuasa battery is also a flame retardant battery (UL94-V0, LOI 30). It complies with UL1778 flame retardant specifications for UPS and Bellcore requirements in telecommunications.